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A Modern way to recharge, relax & regenerate the mind & body| Floating is a powerful stress relief & wellness offering| Retain members with a recovery & stress relief solution

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FLOAT24 is inspired by the float experience and driven by technology. We have 30+ years experience introducing new technologies and offerings into the Health & Fitness industry. We add a new level of experience and controls to floating that enhances both the consumer & business.


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Powerful Stress Relief & Wellness for Mind & Body

Floating is effortless and offers a wide variety of physical and mental benefits. During a session, you float comfortably within a sensory-controlled environment, floating on the surface of a fresh super saturated salt water solution allowing you to become buoyant and weightless. The body-tempature water relaxes your sense of touch. The lights and soundproof room fade. Your heartbeat and breating slow, your body unwinds and your mind opens.

THE EXPERIENCESupported by a cushion of silky skin-temperature fluid, 90% of neuro-muscular energy is conserved and redirected to reset health and well-being

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THE BENEFITSAthletic Training, Stress Relief, Pain Relief & Injury Recovery, Enhanced Creativity & Learning are only some of the benefits

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THE SCIENCEBacked by hundreds of published scientific papers and articles, the benefits are undeniable

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Increase revenue, retain members, get a unique edge. Floating is the ideal service to separate your gym from the competition.

Fitness & Exercise

Fitness & Exercise

Train harder, recover faster and relieve soreness

Sports & Performance

Sports & Performance

Focus more, rebound quicker and relieve pain

Beauty & Spa

Beauty & Spa

Ease your mind, rejuvenate your body

Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Recharge your health, refresh your soul and gain flexibility


We offer products and turnkey solutions designed for the fitness industry. We help you launch Floating as a new service in your facility.

Our services are designed to help you quickly launch Floating as a new service in your facility.








The sensory deprivation chamber is the most important tool I've ever used for developing my mind, for thinking, for evolving.

Joe Rogan Philospher, UFC Announcer

It's so crazy - you need to try it to believe! It's the best recovery treatment I've had in my career. It's keeping this old body going!

Willie Mason Rugby Professional

Sometimes the benefits are mental, sometimes the benefits are physical. It's like a reset button - critical when you’re pushing hard for a fight.

Tom Water, Jen Pulver UFC Fighters