The Best Filtration

Evolution Filtration System

Length : 32” (813)
Width : 26” (660)
Height : 41” (1041)

1 Micron Bag / Cartridge Filtration
This is the best filter you can have for any float tank.

DEL UV / Ozone Water Treatment
2 UV Bulbs : 6 Corona Ozone Generators
Not just clean water that smells great but also sterilizes the air and inside walls of the float tank.

Industrial Strength Magnetic Pump  The heart of every filtration system, the magnetic pump withstands the harsh and dense saltwater environment.

Standard Equipment
Clear Piping : Anti-Vibration Feet
Safety Flow Switch : All Titanium Heater
FIberglass Cover : Filter Change Indicator
Isolation Valves : Modular Disconnects

Optional Upgrade Equipment
Flow Meter Kit
Auto-Dosing Pump (H2O2/Chlorine)
Quiet Motor (Baldor USA)
Washdown Quiet Motor (Baldor USA)

Filtration Engine